Tecmet specialise in fabricating high quality stainless steel and glass balconies and balustrades in homes across Cornwall and have become one of the leading installers in the county. As a three generation family business that have been fabricating stainless for over 35 years, our focus is, and always has been built around providing 5 star customer service along with exceptional fabrications that we are proud to call our own.

Our many years of experience mean we are able to work closely with our clients helping them to design and develop dream home improvement ideas right from the initial concept through to installation. Our knowledge and expertise in creating bespoke fabrications mean each of our clients receives an exclusive in-house quote and design service so that your glass balcony or stainless steel fabrication is unique to you and your home. Laser cutting, pressing, forming and rolling are just some of the many facilities we have access to, meaning your bespoke design can be custom made at our premises in West Cornwall and installed by our family team.

As well as being an approved supplier for Cornwall County Council for bespoke street furniture and beach access solutions across Cornwall, we also work with a number of property developers and architects across Cornwall, fabricating and installing stainless steel glass balconies, balustrading, and bespoke home improvement solutions.

Please take a look at our ‘Projects Gallery’ page for further ideas and inspiration for your next home improvement project or get in touch using the details on the contact page for a further discussion on how we could help.


Tecmet have an in-house design fabrication and installation team, meaning all residential and commercial projects are managed right through from the initial design planning right through to the final installation. Ensuring that your glass balcony design and installation is fully compliant with the necessary building and planning regulations is all part of the service here at Tecmet.

If you require any advice on getting your glass balcony or home improvement project off the ground and wish to get a free quotation, then call the team for an informal chat. As well as offering advice on building and planning regulations, qw can also talk you through your design ideas as well as the many glass balcony installation options available to you.


There are hundreds of grades of stainless steel available on the market, the majority of them for specialised applications i.e. nuclear, hygenic, extreme conditions, and oil exploration.

The two main grades that are used in balcony/ balustrading and general steel fabrications are T304 and T316 (Marine quality). Type 304 – A general grade used in catering equipment manufacturing, indoor balustrading, and fabrications where corrosion resistance is not the main criteria. This material will not physically degrade(rot away) however its surface will physically discolour in saltwater or coastal environments.

Type 316 – As above but has a higher chromium and nickel content thus giving it much better corrosion resistance in saltwater environments. This is predominantly the grade Tecmet use for the majority of external fabrication work.


Dull / Satin polishes – This finish gives a brushed effect to the finished fabrication. More familiar in the form of splashbacks, cooker hobs and catering equipment. This finish is suitable for any indoor fabrication work, and for external fabrication work provided it is not in a coastal environment(within 30miles from the sea). It can discolour in a short period of time. This discolouration can be treated to restore the original finish – done manually – which then negates the ‘maintenance-free’ aspect of stainless steel.

Bright / Mirror polished – This finish is similar to chrome in appearance (shiny and reflective). The advantage of this finish is that it is not prone to discolouration (unlike the brushed finish) so is the most suitable for coastal environments. Note: Mirror polished stainless still requires a wipe with a cloth every now and then to retain its full lustre.

Talk to us about your next project and we will advise you on what materials are best suited for your requirements.

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Why you should choose Tecmet for your balcony project…

“Tecmet’s expertise in the stainless steel industry are backed by a wealth of knowledge gathered over many years. With many combined years of experience as industry consultants, Tecmet are currently leading the way in stainless innovation and glass balcony installation. The family-run team now work with many cornish architects and developers, helping to bring Cornwall into a new era when it comes to balcony design and fabrication. Renowned for their expertise when it comes to stainless steel engineering, the team are often referred to as home improvement experts when it comes to all things balconies and balustrading.”

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