Benefits of outdoor living space

Glass balcony St Ives

The benefits of outdoor living space for you and your home

We all dream of that outdoor living space that gives us that freedom from the rest of the house and space to relax. Whilst many of us would be sold on freedom and space alone, most don’t actually realise that there are a number of health benefits to spending more time outdoors too. Here, we give you 8 reasons why creating more outdoor living space might just make it on your home wish list this season.

Increase the desirability of your home

As previously mentioned in the article published by Savills, having an outdoor balcony, doesn’t just increase outdoor living space, but also increases the desirability of your property to purchasers. According to Savills research, a balcony ranked in the top 3 of desired features when looking for a second home.

Increase the value of your home

Further to the above, adding this very desirable feature also means the value of your home is likely to increase, meaning if you did want to move house, your home may sell a little faster than you expected.

Boost your immune system

According to a recent article by Science Daily, spending time in nature can provide protection against certain diseases providing us with better longterm health. Their research suggests that nature’s link with immune-boosting and better health lies in its ability to enhance how our immune system functions.

Outdoor entertainment space for a better social life

How often do we spend time outdoors in the summer, perhaps at a local bar or restaurant wining and dining our friends? Now how much could we save if we just did that at home? Having increased outdoor living space with a dedicated lounging area to drink, grill and relax could just be the perfect solution to your social life.

Benefit your vision and reduce eye strain

In today’s modern world, we spend a lot of time in front of our computer and mobile screens, which often results in increased eye strain and headaches. Giving yourself that much-needed break in your new outdoor living space would mean you and your eyes can take time to relax.

Mood buster for depression

Spending time outdoors is definitely great for lifting our mood, slowing down our overactive minds. It can also be great for giving us a general wellbeing boost and reducing high levels of stress. According to research from the national institute of health, proximity to nature and green space has been associated with lower levels of stress and a boost to our psychological and mental health.

Lighter rooms and better views

Opening up your home with additions such as a patio area or glass balcony, accessed by sliding or bi-fold doors means your rooms will naturally become lighter. What was once a wall can very quickly become a picturesque, tranquil place to gaze, meaning both you and your home would benefit from increased levels of light.

Extends your home bringing the outdoors in

Opening up your living space and increasing square footage can give your family a more spacious environment to enjoy. Furthermore, extended outdoor living space means more access to the sun, whilst still being able to enjoy all your home creature comforts.

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