Stainless steel on the Cornish coast

glass balcony Sennen

Lets talk stainless We all know that living near the coast has it’s own set of challenges and when you’re looking at solutions for outdoor living, it’s important to know what materials work best where. Coastal areas are one of the harshest environments to live in with high levels of salt and high winds that […]

Benefits of outdoor living space

Glass balcony St Ives

The benefits of outdoor living space for you and your home We all dream of that outdoor living space that gives us that freedom from the rest of the house and space to relax. Whilst many of us would be sold on freedom and space alone, most don’t actually realise that there are a number […]

So how important is a balcony ?


We look at how important a balcony is and how much of a priority it should be in your list of home improvements. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to what they would want from their ideal home and this changes again when we look at home improvements, especially when we are looking […]