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A Tecmet, we focus on bringing the outside in, creating made-to-measure, bespoke glass balconies that work handsomely in any home. A glass banister, glass balustrading or a glass balcony are a great way of providing a stylish feature to your home. As well as creating much-needed outdoor living space, a glass balcony is a great way of breaking visual barriers between your indoor and outside living quarters. Often to referred to as the ultimate design feature for a home, a glass balcony can add an unsurpassable feeling of space, while providing a safety barrier compliant with regulations. The balconies fabricated and installed by Tecmet, are created with the homeowner in mind. Each design is guided by you, the homeowner,  to ensure every aspect fits with both your expectations and your intended design.

Adding a glass balustrade to your home or commercial property, adds elegance and value. A glass banister, glass balustrading, or a glass balcony, are all stylish features that combine beauty with practicality. Not only will you benefit from lighter, more open living space, but your view will be less obstructed, opening up views across your garden, nearby countryside and the Cornish coast.

Creating the illusion of more space in a building is one of the many reasons that glass elements are so popular in home design today. This is especially true for balconies and balustrades as they are made with clear, see-through glass. Typically elevated areas that benefit from glass balustrades or glass balconies, benefit from a transparent border, creating an open, fresh, and more expansive atmosphere.

Particularly popular in modern architecture and interior design, the glass balustrade offers a striking, functional, and safe addition to any home.

Stainless steel on the Cornish coast

glass balcony

Lets talk stainless We all know that living near the coast has it’s own set of challenges and when you’re looking at solutions for outdoor living, it’s important to know what materials work best where. Coastal areas are one of the harshest environments to live in with high levels of salt and high winds that […]